CMTS is pleased to announce the Cast List for the November 2019 production of Singin’ In The Rain Jr

Don Lockwood Adam Coleman

Kathy Seldon Maddie Waller

Lina Lamont Hayley Schodt

Cosmo Brown Shayne Hendry

Roz / Zelda Cadence Jowers-Wilding

R.F. Simpson Amber Vodanovich

Dexter Joshua Cunningham

Dexter’s Assistants Savanna Cosgrave, Michelle Cohen, Alexa Bickel

Dora Bailey Annabelle Olsen

Miss Dinsmore Ruby Purvis

Teacher Sophia Nimmo

Sam/Sound Engineer TBA

Policewoman/Young Lady Emma Ready

Stagehands Luke Marshall, Nathaniel Moran, James Sparks

Kathy’s Girls/ Chorus Girls / Broadway Dancers Victoria Parsons, Matilda Gilchrist, Paige Norrie, Kirsty Mayhill

Pedestrians / Party Guests Hannah Upfold, Jett Hudson, Lydia Voisey