Terms 2,3,4: MONDAY 7.00 PM - 8.30 PM

Per term: $162.00 incl GST (9 lessons in Term 2, 3 and 4)

Students need to bring with them a passion for learning and being on the stage. CMTS will lead you on the path to achieving this, by focusing on your individual abilities in the triple threat journey. Drama games, singing, dancing galore here.

Students will work towards devising, writing, rehearsing and performing an hour long Cabaret in Term 4. During this process they will work with industry experts and learn about script writing, lighting, sound, makeup and costume making.  The final result will be a showcase of solos, duos and group items representing CMTS's Triple Threat senior students.

How are shows designed and created?  
This class explores all the aspects of putting on a performance. The students will devise the performance. How do they do that? By exploring and researching known and unknown shows; analysing and discussing the important factors eg: plot/no plot? songs? which songs? solos/duets/ensemble? ;staging vs no staging; lights? makeup? costume? backing tracks vs live music? seating for the audience?

Our students will gain hands-on insight into every aspect of CREATING A CABARET.